Monday, September 6, 2010

Preschool Is Among Us

Wow. Time flies. My lil man is off to his first day of school on Friday. I have mixed emotions. I am super happy and excited for this great oppotrunity for him, but I am also sad. Its been me and him for the last three and a half years! Everytime I step near that preschool, I feel like crying, lol! Its silly, I know, but I cant help myself. I am proud of him and I know he will do so well. He keeps asking if I am going to come with him, so he definitley has not grasped exactly what "school" is. But he will soon discover how great it is going to be! Making new friends, going on field trips, becomming more independant. He is going to experience so many new things this year! I welcome the coming months and mostly I welcome hearing about his days at school!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roly Poly

LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! Peyton is so cute doing her roly polies!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Sneaky Chocoholics and a Fun Face!

I got woken up this morning my two bright eyed and bushey tailed early risers before 7am! I had worked a 16 hour shift yesterday and got off at 11pm, so I was so NOT feeling getting up that early. When I finally rolled out of bed I find two kids looking like this...




Have to admit, I had a little giggle, but then proclaimed "NO TREATS!" for the rest of the day, mean, I know. I wasnt sure if I was more mad they got into the candy without asking (seeing we have had this conversation on several other occasions) or mad that they ate my very last piece of dark chocolate! I heart dark chocolate!

Carter also made his very first "face" drawing today! I had been working with him trying to get him to draw a face and eyes before and he never really did, but today, he did it! It looks a little scary but you can make out the two eyes, nose and mouth! Heres his masterpiece!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Earn On The Side

I have shared with some people different ways I have been "earning on the side"!. It can be time consuming and definitley takes dedication, but its so rewarding when you FINALLY get enough points to redeem a check or giftcard!

Here are some of the sites I do to "earn on the side"!

How it Works: A simple site similar to google where you search and can win points! Once you earn enough points, you can cash out to earn gift cards, magazine subscriptions, etc.

What I have earned: I always choose the Amnazon giftcards. I have redeemed $20 in Amazon giftcards since I signed up!

Opinion Outpost
How it Works: You are sent surveys to complete. If you qualify for the survey you have to complete it to earn points. Once you earn 500 points (equal to $5) you can cash out. They will send a check directly to your home. One thing to point out, this will start off slow, but the more surveys you complete, the more they will send you.

What I have earned: Since joining in January, I have earned $83.20! Prety awesome considering its money I didnt have!

My Survey
How it Works: Pretty much the same as the above survey site. The only difference is you cash out for giftcards, not actual checks.

What I have earned:
Since joining in January, I have earned $10 to Amazon. This doesnt send as many surveys but you always get points, even if you dont qualify for the survey.

My Points
How it Works: You earn points just by reading daily e-mails, staking surveys and by shopping! It takes a little time to earn enough points, but its worth it!

What I have earned:
2 $25 Old Navy giftcards
1 $25 Gap giftcard
1 $10 Starbucks giftcard
1 $10 Panera Bread giftcard

So, as you can see, I have earned over $100 in giftcards and checks since starting! If you have the extra time, I highly urge you to try it! Its a great way to earn rewards!

I've Been Slacking

Sorry about that! We've been very very busy with...LIFE! Work, baby showers, birthdays, retirement lunch, hanging out with friends and just plain enjoying this beautiful weather! I have lots of pictures but cant find the time to post! Lucky for you if you are on Facebook, you have already seen lots of them!

And June proves to be yet another busy fun filled month! Peyton has her gymnastics recital (I can FINALLY take pics!), Marks family is coming to visit, Fathers Day, more birthdays...phew!

In fact, as I am writing this today, I am working a big fat double shift, 7a-9p.

I'll try and do better!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Riding Along in my Automobile...

We had been looking for a used power wheels for about a month now! So I was so excited when I found one! They are not as abundant on Craigs List as I had originally thought! Anyways, Carter and Peyton were so excited! Carter got the hang of driving very quickly. Peyton, on the other hand, not so much! Can you say whiplash?? LOL! Here are a few pictures and videos of the kids and their new "ride".


**Note: Mute the music at the bottom to hear the video

This first one was when we first got it and were bringing it into the backyard. I like how Carter opens and door when he's "here"!

And a big surprise when I got home from gymnastics with Peyton, Mark had found a used red Jeep on the side of the road. It needs a battery but we tried Peytons battery and it does work. We really lucked out! Now both kids have one! Here are a few pictures of the kids and their Jeeps!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two little bursts of energy!

I sure wish I had the energy my kids have! This running back and forth is pretty much a nightly event in our home!